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Frequently asked questions about the QuickPick technology and manual devices
Frequently asked questions about nucleic acid purifications
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What is the benefit of BN Products & Services' Bio-Nobile
technology for me?
BN offers innovative products allowing easy and fast purification of samples for your downstream applications such as PCR. Purification of nucleic acids such as gDNA, Plant gDNA, plasmid DNA, DNA fragment and mRNA as well as purification/fractionation of proteins such as weak ion exchangers, IMAC and GST becomes far more straightforward with our PickPen® magnetic tools and range of QuickPick™ kits in manual and automation processes.

All of the QuickPick kits are optimized for use with manual QuicPick magnetic tools and most of them can be automated. The kits are for research use only.

What is the throughput with different devices?
The MagRo™ 8-M robotic workstation integrates magnetic particle processing and liquid handling in one flexible instrument. This versatility enables the dispensation of samples and reagents followed by the purification step in a single process. MagRo 8-M processes 8 wells at a time in batch sizes of up to 96 samples per run and up to 300 samples per day depending on the application.

The QuicPick magnetic tools are designed to purify a few sample per day in vessels such as microtubes, bottles etc.

What kind of samples can I purify using the Bio-Nobile solutions?
The QuickPick gDNA purification kits are intended for universal genomic DNA purification from various sample materials. The sample amount for purification is typically within 1-200 µl. With the new QuicPick tools also much larger sample volumes can be processed.

The QuickPick Plant DNA kits are for purifying genomic DNA from plant tissues such as leaf, root, seed etc. The sample amount for purification is typically within 1-100 mg.

The QuickPick DNA Fragment kits provide a fast and simple means of purifying 60 bp to 50 kbp DNA fragments from agarose gel or from liquid samples. The kit is suitable for use with standard and low-melting agarose gels in TAE buffer.

The QuickPick Plasmid DNA purification kits are used to purify high-, medium- and low-copy plasmids from bacteria cells. Typical culture volume is 1.5 ml but it can be scaled up.

The QuickPick mRNA kits are intended for mRNA purification from various sample materials such as cultured cells, animal and plant tissue and total RNA samples. There are four QuickPick™ kit versions available to accommodate purifications from starting materials containing just one cell to approximately 300 mg of tissue.

For protein purifications there are fractionation kits such as QuickPick DEAE (using weak anion exchange) and QuickPick CM (using weak cation exchange) and affinity-based kits such as QuickPick IMAC (histidine) and QuickPick GST (glutathione-S-transferase) for fusion proteins. The IMAC kit can be used to purify up to 0.5 mg protein per prep, and at least 40 µg of GST-fusion protein can be purified per prep.
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