Frequently asked questions about nucleic acid purification
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Frequently asked questions about nucleic acid purifications
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What applications do you have for nucleic acids?
QuickPick™ Plant DNA and QuickPick™ genomic DNA reagents are truly versatile and optimized for comprehensive range of sample materials and volumes. Use the same QuickPick™ Plant and genomic DNA reagents with QuicPick manual tools as well as with Magro™ 8-M robotic workstation for high-quality purified DNA.

QuickPick™ DNA Fragment purification kit provides a fast and simple means of purifying DNA fragments from agarose gel or from liquid solutions. In addition to the QuickPick™ DNA Fragment kit reagents BN Products & Services offers also a simple method for cutting the DNA fragment from the gel by using the PickO™ Gel exciser.

QuickPick™ Plasmid DNA kit provides an easy and simple way of purifying high quality plasmid DNA.

For poly-A(+) mRNA purification QuickPick™ SML mRNA kits accommodate purifications from different sample materials and amounts, such as from one cell to 50 mg tissue.

What do SML, S and XL mean in the kit name?
The letters indicate the usage of the reagents. SML kits are scalable and they can be used for different sample volumes ("Small-Medium-Large") as well as with manual tools and in MagRo 8-M robotic workstation. The XL refers to bulk reagents which can be bought separately from BN Products & Services. The S kits are ready to use and optimized for certain sample volumes and for use with QuicPick manual tools.

Do you have a protocol for my specific nucleic acid application?
BN Products & Services has several protocols for different samples for DNA purification; see the different applications listed on our literature pages.

Can I purify smaller or larger sample volumes than in your specifications?
Yes, you can use the reagent scaling table in the kit insert as a template to optimize the reagent volumes for your sample amount.

How many samples can I purify with certain kit?
QuickPick™ S DNA ready-to-use kits are optimized for certain sample amounts to be used with the QuicPick tools. These ready-to-use kits contain reagents and consumables needed for the purification. Plant DNA, genomic DNA and plasmid DNA kits are available in three kit sizes: 8, 48 and 96 preparations, DNA Fragment kit is available in 24 and 3x96 kit sizes.

QuickPick™ SML DNA and mRNA scalable kits can be used for variable sample amounts to be used with the QuicPick tools as well as with MagRo™ 8-M. The sample volumes may be scaled up and down, giving the yield of high-quality DNA or mRNA appropriate for the intended downstream application.

QuickPick™ DNA and mRNA components are also available for custom and bulk configurations.

For what downstream applications are the purified nucleic acids?
Purified DNA eluates can be used for downstream applications such as PCR amplifications, restriction enzyme digestions and sequencing. Typical downstream applications for mRNA are RT-PCR, real-time PCR, cDNA libraries and microarray analyses.