MagRo™ 96-M robotic workstation
Walk-away high throughput automation

The MagRo™ 96-M robotic workstation is a first-of-its-kind solution providing unprecedented versatility in high throughput nucleic acid and protein purification tasks.
With its proprietary PickPen® technology, MagRo™ 96-M processes 96 samples simultaneously, and is ideal as a stand-alone or as part of an integrated system.

The MagRo 96-M workstation may be used as a stand alone system for nucleic acid, protein and cell isolations and purifications, and many other key applications in proteomics, gene expression studies, multiplexing, etc. Alternatively, laboratories can use it as a base for combos in which sample preparation is seamlessly combined with downstream applications. The workstation has an open design to allow easy integration. It is an unbeatable solution for high throughput laboratories because it eliminates the bottleneck that sample preparation usually represents.
The MagRo™ open design enables easy integration with liquid handlers, robotic arms and other laboratory equipment. The workstation supports the use of shakers, heaters, cooling blocks or washers, directly connected to the system. For further flexibility in integration, the MagRo 96-M unit is symmetrical.

Compact size - flexible design
MagRo 96-M gives the best sample number to bench space ratio available. There are 8 plate positions, and you can choose plate decks to suit alternative plate orientations. Since the head can extend outside the MagRo 96-M deck area, you can also utilize additional off-deck plate positions. In every position there is easy access for a robot arm. An optional cover for the workstation is available.

New frontiers in magnetic particle processing
MagRo 96-M offers more choices for the processing of magnetic particles than ever before. The purification can start in a deep well plate and the purified product can be eluted in a few tens of microlitres. Magnetic particles can be recycled to the sample plate - a repeat collection minimizes magnetic particle costs. Very large samples or viscous difficult samples can be divided over multiple plates, then recombined in the same elution plate, thus sample size can be extended beyond the capacity of a deep well plate.

Protocol flexibility
Pre-programmed protocols are supplied for QuickPick™ reagents, to provide complete solutions for genomic DNA, plant DNA, DNA fragment, total RNA, mRNA and histidine-tagged protein applications. In addition using the workstation’s Windows® -based protocol editor it is easy to create protocols according to users' own application needs.

Examples of applications
The MagRo 96-M workstation is ideally suited for applications such as:

Gene expression studies:
Transfection, RNAi, siRNA studies
Library screening ADMET

Proteomics applications:
Pull down assays, fractionations, MALDI & ESI-MS front end solutions

Cell isolations:
High throughput cell sorting, positive or negative fraction of 96 cell samples simultaneously

High throughput sample preparations:
Nucleic acid and protein purifications from cells and tissues

High throughput magnetic solid phase applications:
Immuno and receptor assays
Affinity screening

Novel assay concepts for high density array and suspension bead array automation