QuicPick™ solutions for protein purification
Each of Bio-Nobile’s QuickPick™ protein kits contain reagents and validated protocols for a particular method. Methods are currently available for
CM and DEAE weak ion exchange
immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC)
glutathione-S-transferase (GST) fusion protein purification

QuickPick nucleic acid kits are optimized for use with QuicPick magnetic tools as well as with MagRo™ robotic workstations. Reagents are available in the form of ready-to-use kits and as bulk ("XL") packages.

Benefits of QuickPick™ purifications

Scalable and Flexible
   • wide range of sample materials
scalability: easy solution for variable sample volumes
use with QuicPick magnetic tools or the MagRo workstation

Fast purification
96 samples in one hour
rapid protocols ensure high-quality product
short hands-on-time
move particles, not liquids, to avoid time-consuming aspirating and dispensing steps

reproducible results
robust protocols
high-quality purified product

Wide range of QuickPick™ product formats
QuickPick™ standard kits - optimized for constant sample volumes to be used with the QuicPick tools. The kit contains reagents and consumables needed for the purification. All of these kits are available in 8 and 48 preparations kit sizes except IMAC Plus which is available in 8 preparation kit size.

QuickPick™ Scalable kits (SML) - can be used for variable sample sizes. The kit contains reagents needed for the purification. QuicPick tips are NOT included.  The sample volumes may be scaled up and down, giving the yield of high-quality protein appropriate for the intended downstream application.

QuickPick™ Bulk reagents (XL) for custom protocols and high-throughout applications.

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