Purification solutions

By moving particles, not liquids, Bio-Nobile’s QuickPick method offers a clear advantage over conventional purification methods. Using the QuickPick method, your nucleic acid and protein sample purification method is faster, simpler and gentler.

We provide a range of QuickPick™ reagents for nucleic acid and protein purification as well as a wide selection of coated magnetic particles for your own applications.

QuickPick Plant DNA and QuickPick gDNA reagents are truly versatile and optimized for a comprehensive range of sample materials and volumes. You can use the same reagents with PickPen manual tools and with the MagRo™ 8-M robotic workstation for high-quality purified DNA.

QuickPick DNA Fragment purification kit provides a fast and simple means of purifying DNA fragments from gel or from liquid solutions. In addition to the QuickPick DNA Fragment kit reagents, We also offer also a simple method for cutting the DNA fragment from the gel by using the PickO™ gel exciser.

QuickPick Plasmid DNA kit provides an easy and simple way of purifying high quality plasmid DNA from bacteria.

For poly-A(+) mRNA purification QuickPick SML mRNA kits accommodate purifications from different sample materials and amounts, such as from one cell to 50 mg tissue. You can use the same reagents with QuicPick manual tools and with the MagRo 8-M robotic workstation for high-quality mRNA.

QuickPick IMAC and IMAC Plus kits are used for his-tag protein purification and QuickPick GST kit provides an easy alternative for purification of fusion protein.

For simple fractionation of complex protein samples Bio-Nobile offers QuickPick DEAE and CM kits based on ion-exchange magnetic particles.

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