QuicPick™ 1-magnet tool The QuicPick™ 1-magnet magnetic tool is also used to transfer magnetic particles between vessels, and provides speed and flexibility in a wide variety of separation and purification applications. It is a hand-held, flexible and convenient personal tool. QuikPick is intended for use together with QuickPick™ kits, but can also be used with other appropriate magnetic particles and reagents. The QuicPick has a large and strong magnet and can thus be used to process larger sample volumes and particle amounts.

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QuicPick™ multiEight 8-magnet tool The very new QuicPick multiEight tool offers the same benefits as the QuicPick 1-magnet version but allows parallel processing of 8 samples on microtiter plates. The device is suitable for use with QuickPick™ kits in different plate formats from standard 96 well plate up to different sample reservoirs.

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MagRo 96 MK2 workstation MagRo™ 96 MK2 processes 96 samples simultaneously, providing unprecedented versatility in high throughput purification tasks. The workstation product includes 96-magnet tool, plate deck to suit desired plate orientation, loading station, GUI and embedded software, plus starter package.

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